Buff shadow

buff shadow is not in the Mega series but in the plush videos

Used in videosEdit

he is dumber than a post dumber than a box of rocks dumber than .... YOU he's Shadow's dumb brother what he likes to say is "I'm BUFF" he change to shadow the weredog before.

Triva Edit

  • he's the only one to transfom 
  • he an't in the MEGA series but appered in the shadow movie 2

Shadow the WeredogEdit

he is good (MEGA & the episode) & Bad (some Videos)

Use in videosEdit


it was suppose to be blue but i'm fine with this

Just being u know all around badie 


  • he's from Shadow Unleash 
  • in the game he's good but bad in videos 
  • this picture is an error it's blue & white but all i found was this one

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